Bahai Investments LTD is a real estate and property management firm in Kenya. It was established in 2010 with interests in these two key ventures. It focuses on offering investment solutions to a dynamic and diverse clientele that includes individuals, local and diaspora investors keen on owning land and attendant property in Kenya.  Bahai Investments LTD is a brand that has since shone so brightly that its future signifies nothing short of brilliant, timely, and secure.

Over the years, we have achieved remarkable progress in our commercial endeavors. We have certainly come a long way from our humble beginnings in a single room office in Juja town with only the CEO and a receptionist as the only staff, to our current esteemed status of a complete real estate firm with almost every basic department for an organization.

Indeed, we have diversified or increased our scope for a wider outreach as we also operate a subsidiary office in Kasarani that we launched in 2011 owing to a huge demand for our amazing brand across the country.

Bahai Investments LTD has established its niche in this rather competitive industry and distinguished itself as a market leader and trendsetter.  We for instance cushion you from the thrusts of title deed acquisition as we carry out the conveyance process on your behalf.

Besides, we offer you a flexible and affordable payment period for the acquisition of your property.  Our motto ‘’service beyond expectation’’ aptly captures our fascination and penchant for brilliant customer service. That is, we attach invaluable importance to service delivery to you our esteemed customer which is geared toward your support, satisfaction, and ultimate happiness.

Yet this would have been otherwise unlikely but for Bahai Investments LTD’s compliance and commitment to a set of timeless ideals and ethics. Our adherence to integrity, honesty, reliability, and discipline among other key and instrumental business values is unmatched elsewhere by anyone. It’s our moving spirit, our defining trait, and our living dream.

Bahai Investments LTD is the real choice for anyone seeking a long term investment in real estate and property management. Look no further for the real deal.