Why you need a Property Management Agent

1. Experience If you buy from a real estate company you don’t need to know everything about buying and selling in real estate. The trick is to find the right person/ company who will guide you throughout the land processes; they will understand your interests and guide you through to available amenities and growth of […]

Why you should invest in Land in Today

Below are reasons why you should invest in land 1. Choices on investment Land can be used for several options that will suit anyone’s needs and ambitions. Residential and commercial buildings: You can rent, sell or even develop the land depending on your financial expectations and ability. Renting out the land and allowing a residential building […]

Why you should invest in property in Kenya

I know you have seen the “for sale” sign on those apartments on your way to work, a number billboards about property open days as you sat in the Nairobi traffic jam, or you just saw a whole newspaper page advert on a new real estate development in Nairobi. All these signs suggest something; the real estate […]

Building verses buying a ready-made house

Are you in a state of confusion on whether to go for a ready-made house or take the bold move to buy land and build your own house? Here are 7 reasons why taking the initiative to construct your own house – eventually – will be far much prudent than buying a ready-made House. You […]